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Steak's Best Kept Secret

The Flat Iron is one of my favorite cuts for so many reasons. This cut is from the chuck, or shoulder region of the cow. It has great marbling which yields a tremendous flavor. Lovers of filet mignon will enjoy this cut as well because the marbling isn't to the degree of a ribeye. It's a longer cut of beef and usually closer to 2lbs. This means it can take some serious heat without getting over cooked. Everyone is happy with a flat iron because the ends can be a little more done while the middle maintains a nice medium rare. Here's my favorite method of grilling the Flat Iron:

-Coat both sides generously with a dry rub or a salt/pepper blend

-Throw it on your grill indirect heat at 350 degrees until the meat internal temp is 115 degrees

-Remove and rest

-Place cast iron skillet with olive or avocado oil on the grill and bring it up to at least 500 for reverse sear

-Sear each side for at least 90 seconds or until the internal temp in the middle of the steak is 130-135 degrees

-Let it rest for 5 minutes while butter melts on top

-Slice 1 centimeter thick cuts against the grain and serve

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