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We have a tendency to delay decisions when we don't feel a sense of peace. Stressful situations or decisions have a way of overshadowing our peace of mind. One of the promises of our faith is the ability to know peace in middle of the our most difficult moments. Biblical peace has little to do with circumstances and events and much to do with prayer and gratitude. Below I've shared one of my sermons from the book of Philippians chapter 4. I hope you are encouraged by watching or listening to what I see as the only path to peace of mind.

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My life is steadied by three anchors - Jesus, my family, and grilling. If you hang around here, I hope you'll see that to be true, not just an aspiration. You'll probably also see room for improvement in how I relate to all three. I'm a tremendous beneficiary of grace in just about every area of my life. Jesus has been my king for 20 years and for 15 of those I've been serving his church. I couldn't ask for a better job than pastoring. Erica stole my heart 10 years ago and we've been married for 8. So much of our world revolves around our 2 kids, Declan and Adelaide. Erica and I are both on staff at church in the Atlanta, Georgia area called More Life Change.


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I believe something special happens when we open up God's word. If your church, ministry, or camp is in need of a guest speaker, let's get a conversation started.

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